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Chimney flue cleaning and more in Jefferson County, IL

Sweeping, restorations, and improvements
Thomas Chimney Sweep has worked hard to develop a reputation as an industry leading chimney business. We provide a full range of services, from keeping your chimney flue clean to providing new liners and repointing services.
While wood-burning fireplaces and oil chimneys can be cozy and offer a great deal of warmth during the winter months, they need to be checked! It is important to annually inspect, clean and repair your fireplace in order to verify that no harmful gases are entering your home and there is minimum risk of fire.


Chimney flue professionally repaired in Cisne, IL
A healthy chimney flue is vital for the efficient functioning of your chimney. Our team comes to you and undertakes a comprehensive cleaning that removes built up soot and prevents the formation of any blockages. A blockage could lead to smoke damage inside your home, so maintaining your chimney should be a high priority. 
If you suspect you may have a problem with your fireplace or chimney. If you feel your chimney could be working more efficiently, don't wait: contact us in Jefferson County, IL today.


Our chimney professionals make your chimney look professional
Our repair and relining services, available throughout the greater Cisne area, involve the removal of a damaged or worn out liner and the fitting of a new one. All liners deteriorate over time, and use of your chimney with a damaged liner can lead to carbon monoxide entering your home. Our team will evaluate the condition of your fireplace, and will only perform repairs if they are necessary. We will never pressure you into paying for unnecessary or even detrimental services!
We also provide repointing, which is the replacement of mortar that has worn down over time. Both processes can be critical to ensuring the health of your chimney.


For professional looking roofs and chimney repair and upgrades
You can rest assured that a licensed and experienced member of our team will be on the job and get it right the first time! Besides having excellent customer service, we only use the best available material. We demand the same high level of quality in the products we use as we do from our personnel.
Moreover, Thomas Chimney Sweep in Cisne has a great selection of chimney caps to choose from. Functional and stylish, an expertly fitted chimney cap and chimney flue can prevent water from damaging your brickwork while providing a fashionable topper for your chimney flue. For more information regarding our range of caps, or for advice about which one is right for you, give us a call on (618) 854-2752.
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